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MLB playoff schedule 2020: Full bracket, dates, times, TV channels for every series

Sporting News — (Joe Rivera)

A chaotic season is deserving of an equally chaotic end.

The 2020 MLB playoffs are here, with the World Series heading to Globe Life Park in Arlington, Texas. But before two teams vie for a world championship, 16 will take the field in an expanded playoff picture that kicks off on Tuesday, Sept. 29.

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In a normal year, only 10 teams would enter in their chance to win the commissioner's trophy, but the Players' Association and the league agreed to expand the playoff picture on Opening Day, putting another six teams on the field come Tuesday. And to add another few wrinkles to the situation, most of the playoffs will be played in four separate bubbles in Texas and California stadiums, while there will be no off days during each series this October.

The 2020 MLB playoffs kick off with eight best-of-three series in the newly christened Wild Card Series. The opening round gives way to the Division Series, leading to the Championship Series, eventually culminating in the 2020 World Series, to be played at Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas.

Here's what you need to know about the 2020 MLB playoffs:

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MLB playoff bracket 2020

National League

  • Dodgers (1) vs. Brewers (8)
  • Braves (2) vs. Reds (7)
  • Cubs (3) vs. Marlins (6)
  • Padres (4) vs. Cardinals (5)

American League

  • Rays (1) vs. Blue Jays (8)
  • Athletics (2) vs. White Sox (7)
  • Twins (3) vs. Astros (6)
  • Cleveland (4) vs. Yankees (5)

How to watch MLB playoff games

  • TV channel: ESPN, TBS, Fox, FS1, MLB Network
  • TV channel (Canada): Sportsnet
  • Stream: ESPN app, Fox Sports app, fuboTV
  • Live scores: SN's live scoreboard

Five networks will be splitting broadcasting duties throughout the 2020 playoffs: ESPN and TBS will split the Wild Card Series, MLB Network, TBS and FS1 will share the Division Series, Fox/FS1 will get the NLCS while TBS gets the ALCS, with the World Series airing on Fox, per usual.

With a cable provider, you will be able to stream games using ESPN, TBS and Fox apps. The ESPN and Fox Networks, along with MLB Network, are also available to stream on fuboTV, which offers a 7-day free trial.

MLB playoff schedule, results

National League

Wild Card Series

DateGameStart timeTV channelResult
Wednesday, Sept. 30Dodgers (1) vs. Brewers (8)10 p.m. ETESPN4-2 Dodgers (LAD lead 1-0)
Wednesday, Sept. 30Braves (2) vs. Reds (7)12 p.m. ETESPN1-0 Braves (ATL leads 1-0)
Wednesday, Sept. 30Cubs (3) vs. Marlins (6)2 p.m. ETABC5-1 Marlins (MIA leads 1-0)
Wednesday, Sept. 30Padres (4) vs. Cardinals (5)5 p.m. ETESPN27-4 Cardinals (STL leads 1-0)
Thursday, Oct. 1Dodgers (1) vs. Brewers (8)10:09 p.m. ETESPN3-0 Dodgers (LAD win 2-0)
Thursday, Oct. 1Braves (2) vs. Reds (7)3:03 p.m. ETESPN5-0 Braves (ATL wins 2-0)
Thursday, Oct. 1Cubs (3) vs. Marlins (6)PostponedESPNGame 2 postponed to 10/2
Thursday, Oct. 1Padres (4) vs. Cardinals (5)7:08 p.m.ESPN11-9 Padres (Series tied 1-1)
Friday, Oct. 2Cubs (3) vs. Marlins (6)2:08 p.m.ABC2-0 Marlins (MIA wins 2-0)
Friday, Oct. 2Padres (4) vs. Cardinals (5)7:08 p.m.ESPN4-0 Padres (SD wins 2-1)

National League

National League Division Series

All times Eastern:

DateGameStart timeTV channelResult
Tuesday, Oct. 6Marlins vs. Braves, Game 12:08 p.m.FS19-5 Braves (ATL leads 1-0)
Tuesday, Oct. 6Padres vs. Dodgers, Game 19:38 p.m.FS15-1 Dodgers (LAD lead 1-0)
Wednesday, Oct. 7Marlins vs. Braves, Game 22:08 p.m.MLB Network2-0 Braves (ATL leads 2-0)
Wednesday, Oct. 7Padres vs. Dodgers, Game 29:08 p.m.FS15-1 Dodgers (LAD lead 2-0)
Thursday, Oct. 8Braves vs. Marlins, Game 32:08 p.m.FS17-0 Braves (ATL wins 3-0)
Thursday, Oct. 8Dodgers vs. Padres, Game 39:08 p.m.MLB Network12-3 Dodgers (LAD win 3-0)

National League Championship Series

All games of the 2020 NLCS will be broadcast on Fox or FS1, and can also be streamed on fuboTV. All games will be live from Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas.

DateGameStart timeTV channelResult
Monday, Oct. 12Braves vs. Dodgers, Game 18:08 p.m.Fox5-1 Braves (ATL leads 1-0)
Tuesday, Oct. 13Braves vs. Dodgers, Game 26:05 p.m.FS18-7 Braves (ATL leads 2-0)
Wednesday, Oct. 14Dodgers vs. Braves, Game 36:05 p.m.FS115-3 Dodgers (ATL leads 2-1)
Thursday, Oct. 15Dodgers vs. Braves, Game 48:08 p.m.Fox10-2 Braves (ATL leads 3-1)
Friday, Oct. 16Dodgers vs. Braves, Game 59:08 p.m.FS17-3 Dodgers (ATL leads 3-2)
Saturday, Oct. 17Braves vs. Dodgers, Game 64:38 p.m.FS13-1 Dodgers (Series tied 3-3)
Sunday, Oct. 18Braves vs. Dodgers, Game 78:15 p.m.FoxTBD

American League

Wild Card Series

All games will take place on the home field of the higher seed.

DateGameStart timeTV channelResult
Tuesday, Sept. 29Rays (1) vs. Blue Jays (8)5 p.m. ETABC3-1 Rays (TB leads 1-0)
Tuesday, Sept. 29Athletics (2) vs. White Sox (7)3 p.m. ETESPN4-1 White Sox (CWS lead 1-0)
Tuesday, Sept. 29Twins (3) vs. Astros (6)2 p.m. ETABC4-1 Astros (HOU leads 1-0)
Tuesday, Sept. 29Indians (4) vs. Yankees (5)7 p.m. ETESPN12-3 Yankees (NYY lead 1-0)
Wednesday, Sept. 30Rays (1) vs. Blue Jays (8)4 p.m. ETTBS8-2 Rays (TB wins 2-0)
Wednesday, Sept. 30Athletics (2) vs. White Sox (7)3 p.m. ETESPN5-3 Athletics (Series tied 1-1)
Wednesday, Sept. 30Twins (3) vs. Astros (6)1 p.m. ETESPN23-1 Astros (HOU wins 2-0)
Wednesday, Sept. 30Indians (4) vs. Yankees (5)7 p.m. ETESPN10-9 Yankees (NYY win 2-0)
Thursday, Oct. 1Athletics (2) vs. White Sox (7)2:10 p.m. ETESPN5-3 Athletics (OAK wins 2-1)

*If necessary

American League Division Series

All ALDS games will air live on TBS and take place at Petco Park in San Diego and Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles.

All times Eastern:

DateGameStart timeTV channelResult
Monday, Oct. 5Astros vs. Athletics, Game 14:07 p.m.TBS10-5 Astros (HOU leads 1-0)
Monday, Oct. 5Yankees vs. Rays, Game 18:07 p.m.TBS9-3 Yankees (NYY lead 1-0)
Tuesday, Oct. 6Astros vs. Athletics, Game 24:37 p.m.TBS5-2 Astros (HOU leads 2-0)
Tuesday, Oct. 6Yankees vs. Rays, Game 28:10 p.m.TBS7-5 Rays (Series tied 1-1)
Wednesday, Oct. 7Athletics vs. Astros, Game 33:35 p.m.TBS9-7 Athletics (HOU leads 2-1)
Wednesday, Oct. 7Rays vs. Yankees, Game 37:10 p.m.TBS8-4 Rays (TB leads 2-1)
Thursday, Oct. 8Athletics vs. Astros, Game 43:35 p.m.TBS11-6 Astros (HOU wins 3-1)
Thursday, Oct. 8Rays vs. Yankees, Game 47:10 p.m.TBS5-1 Yankees (Series tied 2-2)
Friday, Oct. 9Yankees vs. Rays, Game 57:10 p.m.TBS2-1 Rays (TB wins 3-2)

American League Championship Series

Every ALCS game will take place in Petco Park in San Diego and be broadcast exclusively on TBS.

DateGameStart timeTV channelResult
Sunday, Oct. 11Astros vs. Rays, Game 17:37 p.m.TBS2-1 Rays (TB leads 1-0)
Monday, Oct. 12Astros vs. Rays, Game 24:07 p.m.TBS4-2 Rays (TB leads 2-0)
Tuesday, Oct. 13Rays vs. Astros, Game 38:40 p.m.TBS5-2 Rays (TB leads 3-0)
Wednesday, Oct. 14Rays vs. Astros, Game 48:40 p.m.TBS4-3 Astros (TB leads 3-1)
Thursday, Oct. 15Rays vs. Astros, Game 55:07 p.m.TBS4-3 Astros (TB leads 3-2)
Friday, Oct. 16Astros vs. Rays, Game 66:07 p.m.TBS7-4 Astros (Series tied 3-3)
Saturday, Oct. 17Astros vs. Rays, Game 78:37 p.m.TBS4-2 Rays (TB wins 4-3)

World Series schedule

The 2020 World Series will take place exclusively in Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas. It's the only postseason series in 2020 that has built-in off days, as well. First pitch for Games 2-6 is scheduled for 8:08 p.m. ET; Games 1 and 7 are scheduled to begin at 8:09 p.m. ET.

All games can also be streamed on fuboTV, which offers a seven-day free trial.

DateGameStart timeTV channelResult
Tuesday, Oct. 20Rays vs. Dodgers or Braves, Game 18:09 p.m.FoxTBD
Wednesday, Oct. 21Rays vs. Dodgers or Braves, Game 28:08 p.m.FoxTBD
Friday, Oct. 23Dodgers vs. Rays or Braves, Game 38:08 p.m.FoxTBD
Saturday, Oct. 24Dodgers vs. Rays or Braves, Game 48:08 p.m.FoxTBD
Sunday, Oct. 25Dodgers vs. Rays or Braves, Game 5*8:08 p.m.FoxTBD
Tuesday, Oct. 27Rays vs. Dodgers or Braves, Game 6*8:08 p.m.FoxTBD
Wednesday, Oct. 28Rays vs. Dodgers or Braves, Game 7*8:09 p.m.FoxTBD

*If necessary